Jean-Benoît Dunckel is also known as half of the french duo AIR and he worked for pop solo project as Darkel. His first solo album came out in 2006, at the same time as Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “5:55” album that he produced alongside with his acolyte from AIR.
In 2012, JB Dunckel and Lou Hayter got together to form the band Tomorrow’s World and released an album.
As a prolific musician, Jean-Benoît also worked on a project called Starwalker, along with the Islandic artist Bardi Johannsson. The album has been released in March 2016.
The first E.P of JB Dunckel under the project name Darkel again has been released in spring 2015.
JB started some experimental musical electronic concerts with the video artist Jacques Perconte in 2014

As well as participating to mythical soundtracks for Sofia Coppola with AIR (« Virgin Suicides », « Lost In Translation », « Marie Antoinette ») and also soundtracks like « Quartier Lointain », « Pioneer »… Jean-Benoît composed on his own the score of “Bee”, “Je M’appelle Hmm”, always in a very organic and solar electronic spirit.
In 2014, JB Dunckel finished the soundtrack of the Lithuanian movie “Summer” directed by Alanté Kavaïté (awarded in Sundance) and did the music of the creative Olivier Babinet’s movie « Swagger ».
He finished the music of « KO » Fabrice Gobert’s feature film, who did the television series « Les Revenants » (adapted in USA as « The Returned « )
JB toured with Air in 2016-2017 and signed a deal with Sony Jive Epic to record his solo album under his real name JB Dunckel, to be released in January 2018.

He’s ending now a collaboration with australian director Justin Pemberton, composing for the documentary based on the No1 New York Times best-selling book (translated in 40 languages, 3 million copies sold) by Thomas Piketty, CAPITAL IN THE 21ST CENTURY and will work with french director Olivier Babinet for his new feature.

MYTHO, the new ARTE tv-serie directed by Fabrice Gobert (The Returned), with original score written and performed by JB, will be broadcasted from october 2019 in France.



  • FILM "UN ETE 85" de François Ozon

    2020 | Prod MANDARIN-OZ. Musique

  • FILM "POISSON SEXE" d'Olivier Babinet

    2020 | Prod COMME DES CINEMA. Musique

  • FILM "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" de Thomas Piketty et J. Pemberton

    Mars 2020 | Prod HCRLS-HAVAS – Musique à écouter ici

  • SERIE "MYTHO" de Fabrice Gobert

    2019 | 6×52″ pour ARTE | UNITE DE PRODUCTION


  • "K-O" de Fabrice Gobert

    2017 | Produit par 247 Films. Musique originale à écouter ici

  • "SWAGGER" de Olivier Babinet

    2017 | Produit par Kidam – Nommé au César du Meilleur Doc 2017.

  • "SUMMER" d'Alanté Kavaïté

    2015 | Produit par les films D’Antoine. Director Prize @ Sundance 2015

  • "JE M'APPELLE MMM" d'Agnès B.

    2014 | Film d’Agnés Trouble dite Agnés B.

  • "PIONEER" de Erik Skjoldbjærg

    2013 | Musique composée par AIR

  • "BEE" de Raphael Hitzke

    2011 | Court Métrage

  • "QUARTIER LOINTAIN" de Sam Garbarski

    2010 | d’après le manga de Jirō Taniguchi.

  • "LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE" de G. Méliès

    2011 | Musique (re)composée par AIR.

  • "VIRGIN SUICIDE" de Sofia Coppola

    1999 | Musique composée par AIR.



    2015 | Directed by Matthieu Demy – Musique Originale


Beaucoup de titres de JB Dunckel et de AIR ont été synchronisés ces dernières années. Autant dans les séries TV comme QUEER AS FOLK, GOSSIP GIRL, VERONICA MARS, LOOSE WOMEN.. que dans des films de cinéma majeurs (LOST IN TRANSLATION ou MARIE ANTOINETTE de Sofia Coppola..)


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