« SOUS LA PEAU » de Julien Mignot | Musique Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis compose la musique du premier long métrage de Julien Mignot, photographe.

« It all begins with a photograph, the one he mischieviously snatched from her the day they met, the one that embodies the infinite possibilities of what their relationship could be. The framed photo becomes a window into their lives, from which we can see snapshots of their story. Is love a leap of faith towards the other or towards oneself? Will she trust herself enough to trust him, or will she let herself be engulfed by her fears? »

Julien Mignot is a photograph, specialised in portraits. He worked with newspapers such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, Le Monde, Libération, Télérama, Elle, Grazia… Sous la peau is his first film.

Production :Composite Film
Cast :Victoire Du Bois, Damien Bonnard, Mathieu Amalric
Director of Photography :Simon Roca
Sound Engineer :Jean Minondo