Praised by the Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety, Florencia Di Concilio has composed scores for award-winning feature films that have premiered at the Cannes, Berlin, and Sundance festivals.
Recent soundtracks include Léa Mysius’ Ava, prizewinner at the 2017 Cannes Critics’ Fortnight, River Phoenix’s posthumous opus Dark Blood, and ongoing collaborations with documentary heavyweights Fredrik Gertten and Heddy Honigmann
Florencia Di Concilio has written major symphonic works as a composer-in-residence with the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and two piano concertos that have been performed by both South American and North American symphony orchestras. She has created music for groundbreaking visual artists like Camille Henrot, in a commission from the Jeu de Paume National Gallery in Paris, and for contemporary dance companies such as the CobosMika Dance Company in Barcelona.  Through a mastery of classical musical language, and of electronic composition, Florencia Di Concilio has developed a trademark style that can be best described as an orchestration of everyday life.
She uses real everyday noises and, through her personal sound processing technique, turns them into musical instruments, and orchestrates them into organic, complex, and architecturally imposing pieces of music.
Her music is humanist : it uses a language to which we can immediately relate and which brings us back to what is artistically essential.


  • Film "Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary" de Rémi Chayé

    2020 | Long métrade d’animation produit par Maybe Movie

  • Série Netflix "Trail 4" de Remy Burkel

    2020 | Série Documentaire produite par What’sUp Films

  • Film "Just Kids" de Christophe Blanc

    2019 | Long métrage produit par Easy Tiger

  • Film "Ma nudité ne sert à rien" de Marina De Van

    2019 | Long métrage | Just Sayin’ Films


  • Film "Ma nudité ne sert à rien" Marina De Van

    2019 | France

  • Doc "Primas" de Laura Bari

    2017 | Canada

  • Film "Ava" de Léa Mysius

    2017 | F Comme Film | Selection Cannes 2017

  • The Man Who Made.. de W. Szymanska

    2013 | Les Films Du Balibari

  • Doc "Avec nos yeux" de Marion Aldighieri

    2013 | Les Films du Tambour de Soie

  • Doc "Ariel" de Laura Bari

    2013 | Canada | Produit par National Film Board

  • Doc "With Our Eyes" de Marion Aldighieri

    2012 | FR | Produit par

  • Doc "Black Out" de Eva Weber

    2011 | UK | Produit par Animal Monday 

  • Film "Dark Blood" de George Sluizer

    2012 | USA | Produit par Fine Line Features

  • Film "L'Homme de Chevet " d'Alain Monne

    2010 | Produit par Thema Films à écouter ici

  • Doc "Love Crime of Kabul" de Tanaz Eshaghian

    2011 | USA | 

  • Doc "The Road to Bethlehem" de Leila Sansour

    2010 | E.A.U | Rule of Thirds Productions

  • Doc "When China Met Africa" de Nick et Marc Francis

    2010 | UK | Produit par Speakit Films, Sundance, Arte

  • Doc "pilgrIMAGE" de Mira Burt et P. Wintonick

    2009 | Canada | Produit par Necessary Illusions

  • Doc "Blood Relation" de Noa Ben Hagai

    2009 | Israel | Produit par Edna Kowarsky, Elinor Kowarsky

  • Doc "With My Eyes Wide Open" de Gonzalo Arijon

    2009| FR | Produit par Dissidents

  • Doc "Stranded" de Gonzalo Arijon

    2008| USA | Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary at the 2008 Directors Guild of America Awards


  • Doc "Joke van Leeuwen" de Heddy Honigmann

    2017 | NL |  Dutch Mountain Film

  • Série TV "Afghanistan, le prix de la vengeance"

    2009| FR | Canal + 

  • Doc "Hostage in the Jungle" de Angus Macqueen

    2010 | UK | BBC Two

  • Doc "Maria y el Nuevo Mundo" de George Walker Torres

    2009 |  Makatoa Media Producciones, La Maison du doc

  • Doc "Mensonges" de Juan Pittaluga

    2007| Canal+ | produit par CAPA

  • Série TV "Independent Lens" de Gonzalo Arijon

    2009| USA | 


“Florencia Di Concilio's eerie score is a treat” - Hollywood Reporter
“Florencia Di Concilio’s score, both noisy and musical, revives the original use of music in film.”  - Culturebox, France Info
“Florencia Di Concilio’s lush orchestral score is icing on the cake”  - Los Angeles Times
“Stranded’s director had other ways of making his narrative especially effective, starting with utilizing the film's delicate, otherworldly score by composer Florencia Di Concilio to add a disturbing air to the proceedings.”  - Los Angeles Times
“The highlight of the night was the new piano concerto by Uruguayan composer Florencia Di Concilio... it brought the audience to its feet.”  The Post and Courier
“A memorable evening, in which Florencia Di Concilio’s extraordinary talent met the audience’s full recognition and standing ovation”  - El Pais
“Florencia Di Concilio’s music is absolutely remarkable”  - Mediapart


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